CLINTON: Amy Coney Barrett

The Red State vs. Blue State conundrum is very much a part of what the Norse religious community has to resolve within itself and along class lines which we don’t underserve.

So here we are with this Superior Court Judge who has very fine credentials and has been flagged by TRUMP for some time and paraded in the press around about her conservative values and GASP! SEVEN KIDS!
Here we see TRUMP reaching for his D, cause he’s fathered lots of children himself and he knows it is a GUN.
And here we are with the pièce de résistance, the kid with Down’s Syndrome, in such an age of benevolent secularism and gentle technology, a cruelty most of us don’t have the stomach for. 
I would imagine it to be a melancholy moment to have that diagnosis, while also an adventure for the high people who are probably in AIR or known to those who in AIR. The “off” are a fairy tribe and do much work when they are treated well.
The mainstream culture cannot really conceptualize a truly large family. It looks like a pile of noisy chaos and environmental selfishness, when it is also very much a question of culture.

Coming from a Mormon youth, I saw people everywhere obeying the Church’s strident and neurotic mandate and super culture of “bear early, bear often.” It was all the rage at BYU as I watched friends heading into the Church’s 40% divorce rate with three kids by thirty. It was why I didn’t have children at all, when I might have liked a moderate existence. I hear the ANCESTORS pipe in, NO ONE GETS TO BE MODERATE IF THEY ARE YOU. 
Humanity does not really give you that much soul power unless you are very wealthy or come from a culture like the Mormon where you can strike against your family and THE CHURCH very hard and keep it COWED. It takes a lot, and we don’t live like that any more where we are of necessity and constantly in each other’s houses and barns and fields. That is when all those children are felt as necessary. 
My reading of this person is that for her, the bearing of seven children was not so much of serving God, as it is with many Mormons — who also do it to show off or gain ascendancy in the culture and the afterlife — and the glorious rigamarole of how they do it, because it is very distinct — or of being a Catholic and flagellating oneself with that elegant civilization’s nasty obstinacy: THE FRUIT OF THE WOMB. In Judge Barrett’s case, it felt like she was acting in submission to her husband and it was a freakout to allow her body to be impregnated all those times.

Five minutes later I learned of the far-right group she is affiliated with, People of Praise, and its mandate that women be sexually available to their husbands and willing to bear as many children as he required. She and her husband were living in one of the organization’s group homes when they met, and that no doubt has colored much of the culture of their marriage. 
The Cabala teaches the necessity of balance in Mercy and Severity, because the energy is reversed in the underworld. A person who is too merciful in this world is too severe in AIR and vice versa. Thus the magick of the oppressed always has the greatest punch! 
To bear seven children, one with Down’s Syndrome, in submission to a husband even more than a Church is an example of what those of us in the mainstream would consider Unbalanced Mercy.
After so much Mercy, what severity will Justice Barrett extract?
And who will be calling the shots in those cases? STEDMAN?
An unspoken issue here is that she is of European descent and has borne seven children also of European descent. The energy of this situation with TRUMP is that he is rewarding her for bringing so many Anglos into the world.
We do not discuss this in our country. They do in France. The French culture insists that its people make more French and rewards mothers with adequate legal support and public assistance. For this reason, France is one of the prosperous European nations keeping the birth rate up among the natives.
The birth rate among Anglos in this country is steady because of its religiosity — its Red State world. 
Here we are calling in with WHITE SUPREMACY and its fear that the European people are losing influence in the world, and TRUMP is saying exactly what LOKI would, and that is, if you want whites to run the place, you have to make enough whites!

So here is Judge Barrett, a wealthy Anglo who did a great deal of exactly that, and for that she gets the PLUM.
Judge Barrett’s energy world told me to stay out of Red State, because they would be putting the jinx on me. 
The next day THOR took the offering of the daily bread told me to go ahead and feel with the Red State weltanshauung. I have a great love world in Red State. My mother and her husband, other family, the Mormons, and many in the Norse power work. ALSO ORTHODOX JEWS.
If we don’t stay the course of bridging the gap, the BIG PEOPLE will continue to play both ends against the middle.

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