I was tangling with one of the situations in my life that needs work, and the Norse power told me to meditate on the nine worlds. 

I have not done the thoroughgoing work on that structure that I need to, so I made a petition to the gods and began. It was suggested that I could work with the runes on it.

After a bit of introductory interlocution — it’s been a while, COW — I began picking up on Midgard.

Norse mythology describes nine worlds, Midgard — “Middle Earth” — being the world in which we humans live.

Now as I look around I do not see a human world that would be recognized by the constructors of this Neolithic mythology. Many aspects of it do remain. I have visited museums in Greece and marveled at the similarity in the shape of spools. I sew, and have many of these items. They are a short tube around which the thread is wound with ends that are graduated in slope growing larger than the tube to keep the thread on. This shape has been used for thousands of years to keep thread on spools. That is something culture can recognize about the essential effects of our daily lives.

Many things have retained their shape. Spoons. Bowls. Toilets. Beds. A lot of our things are the same as they were in the time the old Norse lived.

But a lot are different, and these involve not just the high technology but the thought processes that have to be in order to have these technological marvels, while, at the same time, those of us practicing European shamanism can have spools that are spools in this world and spools in Northrland by the mere process of giving them the same names. This is why we have all these names in the Gylfaginning. It was a code for the magick. 

It is also perhaps why the Icelandic people do not import words but construct them from their own language. Thus we fowl.

Make no mistake — I am grateful for the iPhone. 

But we now have to look at this beauty as also being a magickal item, for the great HOUNDS of New World Sorcery have enchanted them with the tendrils of ELEGUA. TIN FOIL HAT ALERT chisme: I speculate that some of the folks I might have seen at parties would consume mind-altering substances, go into their magick worlds, then focus on the electrical system and the various objects they THEMSELVES invented as physical plane objects that are enchantable. 

What contemporary Norse spirituality is doing is trying to restore that thought world while still having the iPhone that was invented by the followers of ELEGUA. 

We need to be clear about the dangers of items.

I say this because PAIMON used it quite succinctly by reading the internet, killing my iPhone, resurrecting the iPhone at a pivotal moment and generally being PAIMON. I have not solved all the problems PAIMON wants solved and we are about that now say the THELEMITES. It was PAIMON who suggested that I throw away all of my objects, then restated that it was mostly gifts from ELEGUA and the metallic objects. 


We have names for these items in ICELANDIC that may not COW ELEGUA

People who focus very intently on a world that does not physically exist can impoverish their actual lives and those of the people around them and possibly even hasten their deaths.

This is done a lot in our era with the Bible.

I have spent entire days reading the Bible and longing for heaven. A lot of folks do, especially when poor.

That is part of the point of Christianity. It is a world that can be constructed in thought to supplement the actual world and then it can be entered in death. Our culture’s mistake is to take it literally as the only world that is available.

Then they legislate so that everyone is really poor and not angry at all about that world. 

They also make the church boring. Humans need more gizmos in their underworlds. It is also bad when it does not track on the reality of human behavior or psychic potential. BIG JESUS is not very interesting, so I try to avoid him, but He is powerful and can cause a lot of lying about how boring we need to be to exist after death. 

Fairyland is simply more fun and when the collision between the old Norse — or Celtic — cultures took place with the entire culture of the Church, it constructed a fusion culture that is evident in European folklore and folk magic. One of the things GENGHIS KHAN and his cohorts have possibly done is to work the entire tradition of European magick back to Druidry, and this includes ceremonial magick, which is part of the journey from old paganism to modern Catholicism.

This has proven more difficult in the Norse world because that stretch includes the distasteful business of Nazism and its precursors. I don’t blame GENGHY for slipping me the funds but not being in public avowal of the work that slides into white supremacy. I’M NOT GOING ANYWHERE NEAR THAT SHIT — I’M JUST FUNDING A BIG PILE OF SWORDS!

I speculate that a lot of folks in the Norse world have made a similar discovery but it plays out differently as SECRET VIKING JEWS.

This is why I have always been able to stay in this work.

One of the things that happens in Norse work is that we do have a terrible longing to “go home” to a Norse world that has not existed for a thousand years except as a few highbrow cultural artifacts, some broken shards in museums, and a bit of scattered witchcraft in the remaining Germanic cultures.

Like the Amish and Mennonites.

The practice of anything that trends into Germanic fairy magick is often inveigled in those worlds, and I come across them again and again. I am not involved with their braucherie magick because it is involved with their intricate and physically bound culture, and that is beautiful. I witnessed the Mayan culture working magick in this extraordinary way and we can learn from how they do things without becoming Amish ourselves.

The witchcraft that seems to work with Solomonic magick is an oldish approach to wicca that does not involve the same sort of setup that we have in lodges, and while I don’t condemn it as a wonderful world for others, I have always wanted kitchen witching and not a group. 

So one of the things we face in Midgard is a homesickness that can become unrealistic while driving us to crafts.

So many in our work are always making things to live with so that the nine worlds can rest upon the objects that the culture would recognize. Clothing, household items, furniture, housing. It is often lush and refined, and I love this world. 

I was involving myself in a ship last year, but I don’t have the strength to finish that beauty. It was a tragedy. AND RED SAILS? Always intended.

It is difficult to find moorage for all the time, and I can’t be all the time on a ship anyway — I will go mad — but I did put together some plans for a Viking tent that got lost in the whole business of running water, warmth, get real about your psychic involvement with a day job that is not terribly friendly with THE LORD OF THE RINGS, and then Coronavirus hit, but we are still hoping for it.

The upshot is that Norse workers need to figure out how to modulate between Midgard and THAT JEALOUS MISTRESS their religion, and to pull our lives together in a way that is reasonable in this culture and era. We cannot go back to the Neolithic Era, nor would we want to. Some of those old magicks are coming in anyway with all of this rich ferment of New World Sorcery.

Everywhere around us the geniuses are getting high, killing chickens, robbing graves, and generally being MEEK AND MILD mayhem in the circuit, and we don’t even know to whom we are engaged

Let us consider the preeminent text on this very subject, Cervantes’s Don Quijote, which is about a ceremonial magician — a “reader of romances” — who could not get himself pulled out of the fairy world enough to deal with ordinary life. We must consider that this was likely in that era. TAKEN BY THE FAIRIES. 

This can happen when the magickal world is so much more compelling than one’s real life or if one doesn’t integrate the magick with the life in a reasonable way. 

I know, I know. I am causing a tent, but I also have a job. Civil liberties involve tents. 


It is a moving target. No doubt it was then, as well. There were hard realities about life even in the greatest eras of Norse culture that we know of. How many trees does it take to make the tar to cover the bottom of one ship? That is a hard reality, especially when the trees are the living beings who cause the magick of fairies? That is a part of how Northrland fell — and no doubt they were warned. 

I have involved myself in the idea of entering the O.T.O. formally — humbly we COW — instead of finishing up some other things as I had planned. I have all kinds of idealism and loyalty, but the truth is, many lodges are now in vassalage to the ATR and would demand THE GODS.

THE OLD BOY clearly laid out the work necessary to restore the Germans after the war because he did the work to crap them out in the war. IT’S JUST BUSINESS, MAN.

Sprechen Sie Deutch, WHIPPET?



Had we but worlds enough and time . . . though I do have a book somewhere. It is more Icelandic that we need. 

Back to the whole business of the electrical grid. I am speculating that the techie branch of New World Sorcery has used a lot of magick to be able to enchant the electrical grid so that the ghosts of their work can enter people’s homes and wreak havoc CAUSE CHANGE IN CONFORMANCE WITH WILL with their animal selves. They are doing this using ATR fairy magick.

Now the problem with this is that IT WORKS but it also causes people to turn on in the fairy magick that they would be involved with if they are power workers or even just descended from fairy magicians like RAM.

So here we are and we are supposed to be liking the ATR AS IN THEATRE WHICH IS FUN when in fact we suddenly decide to practice the fairy THE CHTHONIC equivalent of our own spiritual path and that turns out to be The Lesser Key of Solomon with a side of Germanic paganism thanks to involvement with an ancient Germanic language. 


A lot of folks are also being hit with these mega-rays in New World Sorcery and watching a lot of television and tuning in to their own ancestral energies and funding Norse work, especially when THE WHIPPET strikes them. 

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