GOETIABLATHER, Furcas & Some Coffin Tricks (rev. 1/12/21)

Look, WHIPPET is being stupid as usual. Probably finding stuff out in vision worlds.

Some arrant thoughts have adjoined themselves to this POWER and are in no way to be thought of as originating from anyone but this blog, chiseled. I will regale you with three tales concerning this macabre image.

It would appear that, for me, Jake Stratton-Kent’s work has turned into a spirit called GOETIABLATHER.

  1. Goetic Divination

I had been working the western quarter in GENGHIS KHAN’s ritual world, filling in some gaps and generally developing my character and life in the matters touched by Water, and one day the western altar spoke to me. Obtain HYDROMANCY. I checked the water cup, and it was clear that this divinatory art was not to be practiced in the cup itself, but arranged in some other vessel through some other system. I was puzzled.

I was at the marina attending to some business — I had kept a connection to it despite being without a boat — when the sea power formed up and said, GO TO THE STORE.

THE STORE, of course, is Robert’s store, https://www.edgeofthecirclebooks.com/rant.htm. I have patronized this store for twenty years. In fact, I bought GENGHIS KHAN’s inimitable ritual magick manual there, for 10% off. I already had his Cabala book, and was all primed for the new one, and there it was, in about 1998, hot off the press, missing a page, and therefore marked down. I have read that book dozens of times, worked THE BLACK MASS OF THE CHRISTIAN CABALA thousands of times! and have never figured out the contents of that missing page. I call it The Elijah Page. At Passover, an empty place is set for the Prophet Elijah, who never shows up in body, but whose spirit is ever near. That is how it is with unintended consequences. Whenever I do something crazy, I can chalk it up to the missing page.

For two days I had been hearing LEYA say, A ouija board is coming in. Curious. I never work in that world.

So there I was at THE STORE, picking up some spell candles, when I chanced to look inside the display case and saw two Solomonic seals of the mercantile variety, but both for spirits that I had summoned. Et voila! I was in sync with THE STORE.

I began picking around the ceremonial magick section as usual, and found a pamphlet by Jake Stratton-Kent entitled GOETIC DIVINATION. Upon inspection, this pamphlet was found to contain a method for hydromancy as well as a diagram that was shaped almost exactly like a ouija board.

This, combined with numerous hints in the blog about Bael’s preference for Stratton-Kent — who has elucidated the connection between Bael and the Graeco-Egyptian divinatory spirit of water Elegogap — caused me to realize that an invitation had been extended to work in this oeuvre, so I began preparations to do so, though retaining my own structure. It is how to make the existing power world work within that magick, to be discussed widely.

Bael had not been completely happy with the way things were. In some ways, BELETH and PAIMON are almost a matched set, and BAEL is needful of a different direction. He has often requested the work of Enochian magick and wanted things to go into the Jewish-friendly ATR and have some success already. DO NOT MAKE YOURSELF UNFORTUNATE. It is a question of optimizing his potential, and I have a great deal of respect for Bael. He is quite spectacular in many things. My Solomonic spirit BAEL is a spirit of my family’s Jewish power, and has been wanting to develop in different ways. This wing of the family has many problems of poverty energy but also many wonderful traits, and being ethnic, can work in the syncretized world of Solomon so elegantly FOUND in this magician’s work. It is not that BAEL is now ELEGOGAP, but that there is a pinging in this spirit. Overall, however, I am instructed to do all the conjure I want, and that this will assist the Solomonic spirits to enter the operative worlds now very worked in Afro-Hispanic imagery, though I dispute that this is all — Anglo family worked in conjure as well. It is not right to artificially “ATR”-ize the entire world of witchcraft.

So I am collecting and reading the books. I have said before that GOETIABLATHER solves problems for working ceremonial magicians. Take a gander at the books, and things start to come together in life as well as in magick.

The thing about GOETIABLATHER is when He comes in, first there is a bit of sniveling. He will complain that you are a weird shape compared to the other magicians; then in 24 hours the problem is solved if you just stare her down. It would appear that the entire oeuvre is a giant system of, among other things, problem solving for ceremonial magicians who are intending to work.

2. Furcas

A second pamphlet present at THE STORE was the one on the spirit Furcas, whom I had noted I intended to work with. https://buildingtheunderworld.com/2020/10/01/how-to-make-solomonic-discs/ on account of how the various metals affect the body. Inadequate balance can cause problems, and I have learnt that I want to WHEEL AND DEAL, that is, not to give up on working in Peterson if that is what I want, but it is a difficult magick. I have begun to suspect that the entire volume should be worked, not just the demons, and, in particular, The Notary Art. How else can you master 13,000 years of continuous magick? It is insane! Of course, The Notary Art is largely contained in GENGHIS KHAN’s sybil strike called the magickal eucharist of Chesed, which comes after intensive work on all of the lower sephiroth. Work in Chesed and eidetic memory does come in.

So I opened the pamphlet on Furcas, and there was a drastically evil coffin spell in the method of the Americas: “Go to a cemetery, remove nails from an old coffin, saying, ‘Nails, I take you, so that you may serve to turn aside and cause evil to all persons whom I will.'” It goes on into fairly standard foot track magick as one can learn about in the Lucky Mojo, only with the sigil of Morail in the track instead of just the normal dust. I immediately put this aside. I don’t like destrutive magick, mostly just interesting scuttlebutt from the deep worlds, the Golden Dawn, and how to get past crappy people.

Then it occurred to me that I probably have more coffin spells on me than I really grasped. A couple I can comprehend, but the idea of killing a doofus like me and taking the money — how stupid! I have reconstructed the idea of money as that which can be borne by my class along with some spiritual money called interesting psychic experiences. Magick has its limits, and what do you want to do with the power? It is, what can we do as a rubric that will FUND IT cause interesting long-term reaches in what magicians do. A lot of us have to heal. We need to keep the old work going so that when the smoke clears, it can express itself and move into the next phase. Solomonic magick has been here for thousands of years, and it has a great track record of onboarding new cultures, situations, geographies, technologies, etc., while preserving ideas and senses of what has come before. To sell this for something quick and not very fine is a temptation strike at the very moment when the old magick dipped, the new magick rose, and I happened to be catching a little interference. As I have said, ten years either way and it would have been entirely different. So you want a new car? What is wrong with the old one? Nothing. Let’s go on with it.

So I am looking at the coffin spells, some on me, and I realize that some folks are using the coffin spell as a way to indoctrinate a magician before introducing the magick to them. That is, to destroy their prior spirituality so that the new stuff can be placed in the target like new wine into an old bottle. Wow, how did that work out?


Yes, I frowned.

As a magician, I have to point out that witchcraft is a campaign that works like a symphony. You start with some divination, then move to clear things away, then poke here and there, divining all the while, and if there is need of a coffin spell, like, to kill someone, that would probably come late in the procedure.

A death spell is a duel. You have to bet your life against the other party’s. Why would you just do that straight off?

I don’t actually use coffin spells. I am only imagining how it would be if I did use one, and that is, to give a reason for the extremity of the force, which is mostly the defense of nice people and their things.

It looks like these new workers are looking at a paper with all of the Standard Operating Procedures, if in the Army, and 1. put enemy in coffin spell; 2. etc. and lesser measures. So they are busting the coffin spell, because if everyone puts everyone in a coffin, then no one is in a coffin. And are these physical mini-coffins, like the ones you get at truly fine Botanicas? Or are they mental coffins? Issues of class arise, and why not have a death spirit of Solomon?

Don’t we want a coffin spell? Kind of like we want a gun. I never want to use it, but it is there in the closet if I need it.

Now, for some other scuttlebutt from the world of Furcas. For his part, GOETIABLATHER maintains that it would be very annoying to sleep in one’s coffin for five or six years as was done in the old work and could still today, though His coffin will be quite a bit more fluffy and not this acerbic Jewish crap. Also, have oneself buried above the ground in a mausoleum so that one can interact with AIR. My great-grandfather had problems being only underground.

This is a technicality that Furcas could perhaps ENDURE if one chose to physicalize the magick in the old way. Evidently good vampires got blamed for the exploits of the bad ones, and there is some reference to this in the fiction of Dion Fortune. Vampires didn’t have to take the vital force at all — and certainly not any physical blood — but just the soakings and for that they depended on life and worked hard for their earning. It was how WORLD was done and we welcome the newcomers with their bilkings and anNOUNS that we are weal.

My grandmother, born in 1924, reported to me that every night at dusk she recalls seeing a Chinese gentleman in his pigtail and Old World clothes standing by the home, guarding the family of his former boss. RAM notes that these favors were repaid in kind with magick. I could report on other things but won’t. LIKE COFFIN SPELLS.

3. The Changing of the Guard

All four of the Gospels report that at the Last Supper, Jesus predicted that Peter would deny him three times before the cock crowed.

I must respect the tender feelings of Christians, so look away. I mean no harm. Christianity is a great religion, but it is also a great sorcery, and ceremonial magicians need to think of it in our own way.

What happened when Jesus died? His entire movement fell into disarray and was scattered and confused until Jesus was able to complete “the harrowing of hell” — to go into the underworld and arrange himself there — a task that took “three days.” Then He began appearing to his followers and establishing the next phase of his movement.

I am going to take the approach that Jesus was, first and foremost, a superb sorcerer and that his actions were fairly reasonable in terms of how a guru functions. GUROLOGY 101. And this is something that GOETIABLATHER warned me of. When the human shuffles off his mortal coil, the entire magick — of which I am a part and under whose patronage and protection it is now clear to me I have endured to the end AT LEAST SO FAR — will undergo a similar shock and conversion.

This is true of all of the old guard, and I do have a sense that messages are afoot. I myself have lived through the absolute transformation of the lodge world. When I was a Rainbow Girl, it was hip and all kind of wonderful, and you just went down and looked for the Masonic lodge. That was how I got into the Mormons with their lodge strike called the temple. Everyone was all about it. As an adult, it was Rosicruciana, even in the theatre. Now it is simply assumed that the ATR is happening and is also part of the lodge, like a parallel discipline that has become a sine qua non.

I have recently reconnected with an old lodge I had been a part of, and am eyeballing the lodge’s ATR spirit who is eyeballing me. This spirit is very powerful but doesn’t completely fit the many fine levers of the classic Golden Dawn any more than a Solomonic magician does! Not sure what to do about PAIMON, really.


So now it is time to start sleeping in my coffin.

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