Mortuus Est

When I was a young WHIPPET, I used to haunt the ceremonial magic section of THE STORE. Every time I went in, the proprietor would show me the latest books. It was a duty cheerfully discharged, and he was Just. It wasn’t time for a multiethnic female of the pink collar class to have the magic, and He knew it.

Now we’ve got Arundell Overman in to fill in that niche. 33 books on THE ART, and none of them costs more than $18, while we still read Jake Stratton-Kent’s work, for why not have everything that we really are in DAMIENS — Very Low and Very High?

Try reading Ophiel. ! The Holy Fool of the Golden Dawn. It was a different era.

The hieratic nonsense of summoning doesn’t work as well as altars, so for that we have the syncretist WEALTH of Jason Miller, whose work I am just starting to get to know.

Take a pin and burst that bubble. Burst that bubble. We are the ones.

It’s very high or very low. You summon all the time, you get an OWL strike.

In the end, you spend the same amount of money, but I am sorry, the less pecunious branches of the lodge class cannot tolerate one elegant and refined book of $fifty in one fell swoop while we can get the $18 books with cartoon images, one a month, and put together the oeuvre that will enable us to do what Jake Stratton-Kent did in his youth, and that is just get up and get in a circle and call up the scariest thing imaginable.

Lisiewski spent six months in the hospital after summoning the first time, and could hardly wait to get back in the ring.

We can hardly imagine what J S-K went through, and then got told to go to Brazil and put the whole thing together while we still had a shot to bring in THE GREEK WORLD? Now that’s a scary thing. I grew up in the barrio and that was scary enough. I can’t imagine those barrios, but he did it.

When I first began summoning in SOLOMON, after the Abramelin, I began to hear so many things about the work in the inner voice, and the male magicians told me that they could not tell me these things, nor could they summon anymore. They were holding stuff together in such high worlds that their bodies would fall apart if they did.

I was a sleeper cell of one, and my family and friends bound by oaths of secrecy they kept for fear of their lives in style and sophistication had to just watch me flounder, do their best, send in some help, dread the day we all got caught, and I know Jake Stratton-Kent was there for people like me. The now-defunct Patreon feed had an entry with so many pings on what I, at the very least, was up to, it was unmistakable.

THE GAME has got the world of goetic magic put together in $100 books, and they are stomping us pretty much. Here is where our venerable Master just drew the line and put his stuff on Kindle for $10.

I am the one who does that.

Try on some Masons. Wait, Rosicrucians.

Now I am a bird.

He put out a pamphlet for $5 on the lowest spirit in the Lemegeton, and that is Furcas. I hear many things about the world of these high-low magicks, and how you have to have only the greatest of the greatest, but that is not attuned to the reality of the DAMIENS.

December 2020:

Yes, you can read Greek and Latin or something like that, probably I think, and I do, really, and PUBLISH SOME STUFF, but at the end of it, what are the Spirits but the gods of the poor?

That is where we are CALLING IN.

When he broke ranks with the rich and put those things out in a place where anyone could have them, he broke the spell, and, boy, did it recoil.

Did the magic STRIKE or did it win?

I’ve been in irons. It’s not that he should have gone, but WE REPENT.

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