Magick and a Smattering of Jail


As I prepare to notice the O.T.O.’s vernal equinox rite, I am reminded of the time I summoned BALDR in the form of a daimon spirit and he appeared as a three-headed dog under the command of the state, exploded so immoderately in the blog, and got me a ship in early 2019.

BALDR always makes adjustments with the magic(k)al technique. Not all of the Norse archetypes do.

Let us recall that when I summoned him last, the petition was to bind my grandfather in a goetic death world. We had an idyllic life, and I visited them often. My grandfather used to bake my birthday cake, which was always a requirement of lemon. At first, he would bake it, and I would look on approvingly. Then we both worked on it. The last year, I beat the batter in the bowl and showed it to him. He gave a nod, and I popped it in the oven.

Probably the last cake.

Personal gnosis holds that most people upon death choose to expand and reconfigure in Angel magic(k), and if they resolutely disagree with you, away they go, or GAME magicians get all the boon. The DAMIENS need to be complete, so if their objects start to form in your home temple, get ready to call them, and be sure to read Jake Stratton-Kent’s work all the time — it is a magic(k) of SOLOMON that works in and through all of this.

The DAMIENS call GRANDFATHER a god of earth because everything he did was perfect. We will talk later about the government’s reconstruction of American class and the enormous cruelty of taking skill.

It thereby occurs to me to lament the situation of accidental portals, like the one I fear is forming up wherein NORTHRLAND is speculated to be on course to be the preeminent alternative spirituality of the prison population and anyone who is called to that Path must almost have to go to prison to get it, for who in the Bible Belt would think to pour a libation to Fandango Thor?

So here is where we support that situation with the actual work, which is called religion and not art, and have well wishes toward the heathen ministry in the prisons that honor THE GODS in their higher energies, for they are wily and elegant.

The question of why I should speak of this at all is that I have family on both the Mexican and the Anglo sides who have endeared themselves to the rest of us through incarceration, and while it is not the end of the world for some, it is for others, and how a soul will deal with it is a subtle matter.

I don’t like the term “support system,” because it does not convey the complexity of it all. Who you are, who the women are and do they work, who the men, and how they are, what is the nature of the good? The situation of getting and spending involves us in the requirement of many gadgets that we cannot afford if we are to marry. What kind of job does a man expect coming out of incarceration? There is an idea that manual labor is beneath the Anglo, whereas Mexicans just go pick up a shovel or push a lawn mower and there is no gap in activity.

I was once in a thrift shop at the checkout line. The middle-aged woman checking my items was wearing a Thor’s hammer. I felt the presence of Thor there with her urging her on at every moment and giving her the dignity and self-respect to stay right there and do that humble job. She probably didn’t have to be there if she relaxed into a complete life of that price point. There is no way she could have paid the rent with that job, and no doubt she had children to care for, and needed to be with them. But she was standing there working, and I was standing there with her, buying second-hand scrubs for $3 a smock, working too. After such great heights, and why don’t I get on the phone to any number of the workers I know and offer to be a psychic and go the full extent of my capacity with all those drugs and the fancy lucid dreaming BOYFRIENDS and the workers who pile on the sacrificial chickens and who knows what those graves are going to do to my electromagnetic body structure? A romance with one of their sect is usually a requirement of losses in money and health that even my date cannot explain or account for. A great big pile of THE EVIL EYE is what it looks like when large objects go ka-boom and it was supposed to be ecstatic.

I don’t believe the kind people in the new magic(k) intend real harm to the rest of us, but the way the astral system is put together is beyond their control. In the words of Edwards Deming, It’s the system, not the people.

European paganism causes a great deal of natural psychism to people of European descent, and no doubt those blota rise up in FIRE WORLDS for them the way the hechizos rise up for this half-Mexican, but if the magic(k) of the SYSTEM is calibrated against one’s class and one’s spiritual training and inclination, then we really do just need to ACCEPT THE THINGS I CANNOT CHANGE, or I fought the law and the law won.

But here we are saying, If I don’t work, those kids are gonna run wild.

We are better off in the checkout job, healed in the scrubs, and letting the Big People’s chicanery both East and West flow over us like water off a duck’s back. It is all right. We live in a rich and fine country where, at the end of the day, most of us do have a meal, a car that drives, a safe place to sleep, and friends, and nobody is bothering us in any real way. We do as we please.

To benevolent ends, Horizon Lodge of the O.T. O. is set to perform an invocation of the Norse goddess of youth IDUNN at its Vernal Equinox Rite. I will be watching this later that evening on the lodge’s YouTube channel. Let me reiterate that my views are not in any way those of the organization but just me, and I am a super-joiner and have other lodges as well whose views are not represented herein at all and are not even OWLS.

So tune in on March 20 at 7:00 p.m. for what is sure to be a beautiful service:

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